Immunogenicity and efficacy of the oral rabies vaccine SAD B19 in foxes

Neubert, A.; Schuste, P.; Müller, Thomas GND; Vos, A.; Pommerening, E.

Studies on the immunogenicity and efficacy of SAD B19 attenuated rabies virus vaccine in foxes under laboratory conditions were conducted. Twenty-seven foxes (Vulpes vulpes) were offered a vaccine bait containing 10(6.3) FFU/ml SAD B19. Blood samples were collected 60, 110 and 190 days post-vaccination, On day 190 post-vaccination the animals and 14 controls were challenged with a canid street rabies virus. Twenty-four of the 26 vaccinated foxes (92.3%) survived the challenge, whereas all the controls died from rabies. The two vaccinated foxes that did not survive the challenge did not show any detectable level of rabies neutralizing antibodies at any time after vaccination. The geometric mean titres (GMT) of foxes that seroconverted after vaccination were 43.5, 33.9 and 43.5 IU/ml 60, 110 and 190 days post-vaccination, respectively. Furthermore, to test the vaccine virus under sub-optimal conditions five naive and nine previously vaccinated vixens received 2 ml SAD B19 (10(6.7) FFU/ml) by direct administration of the vaccine virus into the oral cavity shortly before or during pregnancy. All vixens seroconverted above the threshold of 0.5 IU/ml. No booster effect was observed in the immune response of the previously vaccinated animals




Neubert, A. / Schuste, P. / Müller, Thomas / et al: Immunogenicity and efficacy of the oral rabies vaccine SAD B19 in foxes. 2001.


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