Optimising of spring oral vaccination campaigns of foxes against rabies

Vos, A.; Müller, Thomas GND; Selhorst, Thomas GND; Schuster, P.; Neubert, A.; Schlüter, Hartmut GND

To optimise spring vaccination campaigns the following set of data has been analysed; (i) population dynamics of the red fox, (ii) onset and progress of the reproductive season, and (iii) maternal immunity and the immune response of fox cubs to oral vaccination. The field data originated from foxes caught in Bavaria, Germany. The results of our analysis clearly demonstrate that certain periods during spring are less suitable for bait distribution. If the objective of a vaccination campaign is to reach only the adult foxes, it is suggested to conduct the campaign during the first half of March. If also young foxes are to be vaccinated, baits should not be distributed before the end of May in previously baited areas, because a large segment of the young fox population can not be vaccinated effectively before this date as a result of maternally transferred immunity. In areas vaccinated for the first time, baits can be distributed earlier, since 5 weeks old cubs are already immunocompetent




Vos, A. / Müller, Thomas / Selhorst, Thomas / et al: Optimising of spring oral vaccination campaigns of foxes against rabies. 2001.


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