Rabies in Germany – an update

Müller, Thomas GND; Selhorst, Thomas GND; Pötzsch, Carsten Jochen GND

In comparison with conventional methods of wildlife rabies control, oral rabies vaccination of foxes (ORV) is without doubt the most (cost-) effective method in wildlife rabies control. As a result of ORV, several European countries have become rabies-free. Although rabies had been eliminated from much of Germany, there still exists a residual rabies focus in the border triangle of Hesse, Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Rhineland Palatinate. Corrective actions have been initiated to eliminate this last remaining rabies hotspot in Germany.




Müller, Thomas / Selhorst, Thomas / Pötzsch, Carsten Jochen: Rabies in Germany – an update. 2005.


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