Next Generation Sequencing of Lyssaviruses

Marston, D.A.; McElhinney, L.M.; Wise, E.; Ellis, R.; Freuling, Conrad Martin GND; Müller, Thomas GND

With the advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, the ability to quickly generate large amounts of sequence data has revolutionized the genomics field. Most RNA viruses have relatively small genomes in comparison to other organisms and as such, would be expected to easily generate genome sequence data via NGS technologies. However, due to the relatively low abundance of viral RNA in relation to host RNA, RNA viruses have proved relatively difficult to sequence using NGS technologies. Here, we detail a simple, robust methodology, without the use of ultra-centrifugation, filtration or viral enrichment protocols, to prepare RNA from diagnostic clinical tissue samples, cell monolayers and tissue culture supernatant, for subsequent sequencing on the Roche 454 platform.




Marston, D.A. / McElhinney, L.M. / Wise, E. / et al: Next Generation Sequencing of Lyssaviruses.


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