Rabies in Foxes, Aegean Region, Turkey

Vos, A.; Freuling, Conrad Martin GND; Eskiizmirliler, S.; Un, H.; Aylan, O.; Johnson, N.; Gurbuz, S.; Muller, W.; Akkoca, N.; Müller, Thomas GND; Fooks, A.R.; Askaroglu, H.

At the end of the 1990s in the Aegean region of Turkey, rabies rapidly spread among foxes. This spread likely resulted from spillover infection from dogs and led to increased rabies cases among cattle. To control this outbreak, oral rabies vaccination of foxes has been used




Vos, A. / Freuling, Conrad / Eskiizmirliler, S. / et al: Rabies in Foxes, Aegean Region, Turkey. 2009.


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