Rabies epidemiology and control in Turkey: past and present

Johnson, N.; Un, H.; Fooks, A.R.; Freuling, Conrad Martin GND; Müller, Thomas GND; Aylan, O.; Vos, A.

Turkey is the only country in Europe where urban dog-mediated rabies persists. Control measures in recent decades have reduced the burden of rabies to relatively low levels but foci of disease still persist, particularly in urban areas. Occasional human cases result from this persistence although the source of these appears to be both dog and wildlife reservoirs. This review considers the current state of rabies in Turkey including current control measures, the varying epidemiology of the disease throughout this country and the prospects for rabies elimination




Johnson, N. / Un, H. / Fooks, A.R. / et al: Rabies epidemiology and control in Turkey: past and present. 2009.


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